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Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging

Salary packaging of motor vehicles through our outsourced Providers (known as novated leasing) is available to eligible employees of BGC Group Companies who are in permanent full or part-time employment and those employees of these companies engaged on 12 months or longer fixed term contracts who are able to salary sacrifice in terms of their current employment or industrial instrument. Salary packaging of motor vehicles is subject to the terms and conditions of the BGC Salary Packaging Policy and the Providers’ Novated Leasing Guidelines (refer to individual Providers as outlined below).

Toyota Fleet Management (known as TFM) -

  • BGC Australia Pty Ltd (Corporate) and the following divisions –
  • BGC Asphalt/Quarries
  • BGC Cement
  • BGC Plasterboard
  • BGC Builders Supplies

And –

  • BGC Contracting (including DIAB Engineering)
  • BGC Construction
  • BGC Development
  • BGC Residential
  • J-Corp Pty Ltd

TFM's direct contact details are: Phone 1300 888 870 then press #1 and #1 again to speak to our dedicated consultants - Daniel Harrison and Frank Maxwell. Click here for the TFM Novated Lease Employee Overview and TFM Novated Lease Guide.

Summit Leasing –

  • Automated Surveys
  • Brikmakers
  • BGC Concrete
  • BGC Precast
  • BGC Fibre Cement
  • BGC Transport

Summit Leasing's direct contact details are: Phone 1800 353 385 then press #4 to speak to our dedicated consultants - Bob Chanla or David Hams.

To review the Company’s Salary Packaging Policy, please click here.

Employees interested in novated leasing and working for any other BGC Employers not listed above should contact the BGC Salary Packaging and Employee Benefits Consultant, Chris Holyday at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss their requirements.