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About Staff Benefits

A Word from the Directors

At BGC we value the hard work and dedication our employees display whilst carrying out their job roles on a daily basis.

It is this dedication that has allowed BGC to become one of Australia’s largest privately owned companies and market leaders in the majority of industries we operate in.

To reward our valued employees we have put together a selection of staff benefits to reward their hard work and show we care.

We would like nothing more than to assist our employees to purchase products and services from our manufacturing or building brands and a selection of preferred suppliers. So whether it’s a brand new home you need or some pavers to finish of your DIY projects, we would love to help.

This website outlines the many benefits a BGC employee can receive from our companies and preferred suppliers. You can save money on many products and services such as:

  • New Homes
  • Investment properties
  • Display Homes
  • Building materials
  • Insurance
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Superannuation and Financial Planning advice

It is really important that you direct all your enquiries to the specified contacts on the website to ensure you receive the maximum benefits and discounts available.

Disclaimer: BGC has brought together a range of benefits but it is entirely up to individual employees to decide if these products are right for them. If in doubt, employees should seek their own individual external advice.